All began with a fascination and enthusiasm for IOT.

Telivity's Dev Team was uniquely positioned to use its years of experience and knowledge to extract maximum performance from Mainflux IoT Platform and use it as the foundation of its proprietary intelligent control plane & platform management technology. After continuously building on our experience, we have advanced this technology to the next level, and when the opportunity arose, we took the next step and built a business around it.


In the world of IoT platforms, our Core is a game-changer

With over 2 million combined downloads of its modules and microservices, our Core (Mainflux IIoT) is one of the most acclaimed and accepted IoT device management and communication platforms available today. Our open-source tech is featured on Intel Developer Zone, Linux Foundation, EdgeX Foundry sites.

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Telivity Concept.001

Identify and solve issues with IoT adoption

We used proven tech, our experience, best practices, and automation, to come up with the concept of a solution that makes IoT adoption fast, easy, and effective. Our developer team successfully brought this concept to life after consuming countless cups of coffee and microwave dinners and breaking a few handheld devices along the way.


Meet our team

Dusan Milicevic

The Hustle Rajah


Over the past 14 years, Dusan has worked for startups and airlines/travel companies as a management team leader with expertise in turnaround operations, brand architecture, profit growth, and proprietary system development. Entrepreneur with expertise in technology and travel-tech, who has generated over half a billion dollars in global sales.  

Nikola Marcetic

The Skynet Mahatma


Tech expert, contributor, and co-author of a leading open-source IoT platform. Having worked in software engineering and development for more than ten years, Nikola became an open-source evangelist with a focus on industrial IoT, automation, and secure data exchange. Nikola worked with enterprises to design mission-critical IoT solutions.

Chris Lapointe

The Wampum Growth Sensei


Chris is a creative business leader with a broad range of SME management experience in transportation and logistics (aviation), tourism, and large event management sectors. Business development, sales program and contract development, as well as revenue generation and optimization, are his major focuses. 

Stephen Boulton

Head of Legal
The Brief-case Pasha


Steve brings over 30 years in legal practice advising clients and startups in business operations, from initial finance to employment policies, as well as extensive litigation experience. Additionally, he has years of executive experience in non-governmental organizations, sparking in each a quantum leap in operational capacity through results and a team-oriented approach to management.


One platform for all of your IoT stacks!