Battle-Tested Core

Centel Core is our core IoT device management, connectivity, and messaging platform based on Mainflux IIoT open-source project which we co-created and worked on for the better part of the past decade. For the past seven years, Mainflux platform (now branded Centel Core), has been used by some of the industry giants in the most demanding environments & scenarios setting up the highest standards in the performance of the IoT Platform.  

Workloads 1-1

Limitless IoT Stacks

IoT adoption and IoT projects tend to grow into quite complex environments connecting and coordinating various different technologies and devices.  Having a platform that is capable to be the center of it all without limiting development or adding complexity to the project is essential for successful completion.   


Centel Core consists of hundreds of different microservices (Modules) enabling its usage as the foundation for even the most complex IoT development projects and stacks.


The extensive number of independent microservices of our Centel core allows a modular and flexible approach to buildouts. Deploy all or select the parts that you need.


Used by industry giants for over seven years to develop their intelligent and smart IoT solutions and stacks.

As used by:

Our Core tech has been used by these giants and many more. We really mean it when we say "battle-tested".



What is the difference between Mainflux and Centel Core?

Magic comes with practice and experience. In all seriousness, as co-creators of Mainflux, after working with hundreds of users on their projects, we implemented all of the experiences and best practices we gained into our setup and configuration of the platform.  That is how we got to the optimally performing IoT device management platform, or what we branded and named - Centel Core. Taking this approach allowed us to further develop a control plane that we use for our flagship fully managed platform - Centel. We are still project maintainers of the Mainflux IIoT, so we continue to contribute to that project and strive to give back to the great community of developers we have. 

Why Centel instead of Centel Core or Mainflux?

Centel is a fully managed IoT platform which with the help of many tools we developed our team manages and maintains for you. Your development team does not have to deal with steep learning curves, administration, and maintenance of the IoT platform, instead, they can continue to work within their preferred environment and use all of the capabilities of our platform via API connection provided to them. Running production and test environments for the IoT platforms requires a dedicated team of multiple experienced and knowledgable IoT experts. With our Centel MPaaS you get that and more, at the fraction of the price that comes with doing it all "in-house". With Centel you start reaping the benefits of the platform the moment you sign up. It does help that the work is performed by the people who built the tech and use it daily for years.
Centel Core is our IoT device management, connectivity, and messaging platform based on of Mainflux open-source project we worked on and still work on. With Centel Core (and Mainflux) you still get to download our core platform for free, use it under Apache 2.0 license, but you will have to learn, deploy, orchestrate, configure, maintain and administer the platform and infrastructure yourself.  

Can I Get Centel Core for Free?

Sure. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly send you the download info. 

We have Centel Core (or Mainflux) already, can you still help us with our project?

Absolutely! If you wish to use Centel Core (or Mainflux) we can still help you with all of the services we offer such as Custom Development, Extended Support plans, Engineering, Design, Project Management, etc. You can find out more about our additional services here.

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