Telivity  Deployment Service - TDS

TDS is an enterprise-level deployment of an end-to-end IIoT platform with a "push of the button" automation. You can use our powerful deployment service to deploy and orchestrate the Mainflux (Centel Core) IoT platform directly to Amazon AWS and save thousands of dollars and 3 to 5 days of work by a multi-developer team.  


Here’s the good stuff


Deploy in Minutes

Join, select, deploy. Save valuable time and money and start building in minutes. TDS reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes.

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Cloud Optimized

Configure deployment to your AWS account or have us customize it for your on-premises deployment. We will soon add support for other cloud providers.


Zero Code

Get our end-to-end IoT platform and its microservices ready to go in AWS with no coding required.

No Contract1

No Commitment

There is currently no commitment to use our TDS since it is free. That's how we plan to keep it for as long as possible.


Customize your IoT deployment your way

Deploy and orchestrate Centel Core Platform the way you want. Please let us know if you require any specific configuration or orchestration and we will customize TDS to meet your needs. 


Need clarification?

What is TDS?

Telelivity Deployment Service, or TDS for short, is our automated deployment and orchestration service that uses the tool we developed to make deployment, orchestration, and configuration of our free IoT Core platform as easy and fast as possible. With TDS, besides saving money, our users save between 3 and 5 days when deploying themselves, or weeks compared to other IoT platforms.

On average, how long does it take to deploy most IoT platforms?

According to our users and publicly available statistics, most IoT platforms with all microservices in place take on average 16 to 19 weeks, depending on stack complexity. TDS and Centel were created to remove this, and other major entry barriers for IoT adoption and IoT stack build.

What is the price of TDS?

At the moment, TDS is a free service, and we will keep it free as long as we can.

Will TDS cost anything in the future?

We will strive to offer TDS for free for as long as possible. In the future, we will offer TDS for free to all Centel customers, while keeping fees as low as possible for everyone else. Fortunately, the aforementioned is unlikely to happen anytime soon. 

What is Mainflux, and why do you call it Centel Core?

Mainflux is an IoT platform we created in collaboration with a team of IoT experts and enthusiasts and is one of the first open-source IIoT solutions introduced to the market. The performance of Mainflux received high praise and attracted quite a following as a result. To introduce our managed platform as a service, collect internal data for future AI builds, and operate efficiently as a business, we made some tweaks and customizations. Due to these minor changes, and also for branding and differentiation purposes, we named it Centel Core. Open-source, as good as it gets, and optimized for top performance based on our many years of experience using it in real-life IoT projects. You can find out more here.

Can we subscribe to managed service later?

Certainly. A TDS is a per-need, one-time service we provide using an automated deployment tool. Any Centel MPaaS plan can be subscribed to without any long-term commitment. If you only need help with parts of your project/stack, you can check out our additional services here and choose the options that suit your needs.    


One platform for all of your IoT stacks!