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Our flagship product, Telivity Centel, is a full managed service that can be rapidly deployed into a multi cloud-based environment or on-premises. This allows our users the ability to immediately focus on the critical task of IoT stack and solution development while the “Intelligent” platform management technology takes care of ongoing platform management tasks. We take care of IoT for you, so that you can focus on building your own solutions not maintaining someone else's. Due to extensive API capabilities, you don't have to get out of your comfort zone to build, automate and grow your stack via our platform. 

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Adopt and Scale

By using dynamically scalable core technology as a key component of the underlying infrastructure, Centel can extend functionality to its customers and offer wide freedom to scale their business application up or down. This flexibility is particularly useful in managing infrastructure costs, which is also directly tied to the cost of utilizing Centel. It also allows Telivity to offer a set of highly flexible and customizable use plans to best meet the changing needs of all business types, from entry level startup to large industrial enterprise users, infrastructure which can easily change as the needs of the customer evolves.


Here’s all the good stuff

Managed IoT Platform

Intelligent IoT MPaaS (Managed Platform-as-a-Service) with proven open-source IoT technology at its core, managed by a proprietary control plane that can be rapidly deployed into a multi cloud-based environment or on-premises.

Open Core

One major highlight of Centel is that it is based on the Mainflux open-source IIoT project so developers that use Centel have the ability to legally protect their IP through patents. We believe that your intellectual property should be yours and we made sure it stays that way.

AIOps - Day 2 Operations

Tools that implement and automate common Day 1 activities such as installation and configuration and Day 2 activities such as re-configuration, updates, backups, failovers, etc. to reduce human intervention in these ongoing, critical operations processes.

No Vendor Lock-in

The Hybrid Multi-Cloud approach eliminates the need to use vendor dependent applications, frameworks and infrastructure as the customers can seamlessly switch between cloud service providers without ever having to worry about these vendor-specific dependencies.


Use API to Develop within Your Favorite Framework

White Paper

Building a Resilient Autonomous Real-Time Communication Platform

In our White Paper we explained the big picture on the advantages of the managed IoT platform and described how to take advantage of best features.

Telivity White Paper

As used by:

Our Core tech has been used by these giants and many more. We really mean it when we say "battle-tested".


5 Examples on how our platform can change the IoT game for you

We created a little presentation with the use cases for the IoT platform to hopefully inspire you to think and build big!

Centel Dashboard.001

What early adopters of Mainflux (Centel Core) say about our tech:

“This is a hardware-independent IoT cloud platform and micro-service architecture, supporting multiple protocols, device management, OTA-FW-based firmware update, application management, data storage, and fine-grained access control based on customizable API keys and scoped JWT. All that we could need.”

“If you were to build a new platform like this, you can spend your first year starting from scratch, but you wouldn’t get stuff done, and then you would get leaders questioning your work constantly… You could tell these guys (Mainflux creators), they really made the right language choices, architectural choices, etc. It's a really good core. ”


Need clarification?

What is Telivity Centel?

Telivity Centel is a fully managed platform as a service for IoT device management, connectivity, and messaging. MPaaS. We deploy, configure, customize, and maintain a complete end-to-end IoT platform for you, so you can focus on building solutions and stacks that will help your business grow. Centel lets you build IoT stacks and solutions without having to learn new technology or leave your daily environment.  

How can I start using Centel?

By subscribing to one of our available monthly subscription plans, you can begin building your own IoT solutions and stacks within minutes. Having our lowest monthly subscription plans starting at $499 makes our managed IoT platform affordable even for the smallest of teams.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. 

Why select Stratus, Cumulus, or Cirrus plan over Centel Core?

In our paid plans, Stratus, Cumulus, and Cirrus, we provide all the technology, capabilities, cloud infrastructure, computing resources, support, and services we believe a DevOps team needs to build quality IoT solutions with varying capabilities. Centel Core comes as a free open-source version of our software which requires you to do and provide these on your own. We think of it as a choice between turnkey and DIY options. 


One platform for all of your IoT stacks!